Blossoms is a comics series based upon the virtual pet site, This site allows players to take care of virtual pets called Neopets and play a variety of games. 


A number of Blossoms characters of some Neopets species, and all of these species may be found here (all links direct to, an official Neopets fan site).

There are also some secondary characters that originated on the Neopets site, and their descriptions may be found on the characters page.


The fictional world of Neopets is known as "Neopia," and is also the setting for Blossoms. A number of diverse lands are found in Neopia, and the main lands Blossoms takes place in is Faerieland and Terror Mountain.

Within Terror Mountain are three subareas:

  • The Happy Valley, a small town settled near the mountain's base and home to most residents.

  • The Ice Caves, a cave system the leads inside of the mountain and is accessible from the Valley and mountain top.

  • The Top of the Mountain, a flat landscape near the mountain's peak and home to a few brave souls.

At that mountain top is where the Blossoms family lives. Although the Neopets site gives some details of the top's appearance, below is my own imagining of how it looks in the Blossoms story:

  1. The Blossom House

  2. Entrance to the Ice Caves

  3. Restricted Wilderness Area

  4. Ski Lifts to the Happy Valley

  5. Taelia's Hut

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