Main Characters

Zathandria Blossom

Species: Aisha

Color: Tyrannian

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Snarky, sharp, and so very done with your nonsense, Zathandria is not one to sugar coat things. A 'Pet with strong feelings and the ability to express them, just hope you stay on her good side.

She often enjoys spending of her time alone reading shopping, but she has a soft spot for her family as well. Her relationship with Twillie especially runs deep. Technically 'Pet and owner- with Zathandria even calling her "Mom" out of habit- the two are more like sisters after growing up together. Theirs is....a complicated one.

Twillie Blossom

Species: Human

Age: 23

Gender: Female

In theory the head of the household, although Twillie is often the one that needs another to wipe her tears. Someone with a big heart and good intentions, it's just a shame she doesn't have a good enough grip to handle all those emotions.

She's responsible for her and Zathandria's move to Terror Mountain, and from there she adopted both Cherry and a writing career. The latter has led to questionable results, however, being the final nail in the coffin for her reputation with the locals. How can she just back out of the job now, though?

Cherry Blossom

Species: Pteri

Color: Red

Age: 12

Gender: Female

The newest member of the Blossoms family, Cherry adores her owner and sister. Before being adopted, she grew up in the Happy Valley Orphanage, never having a proper family before. This hadn't dampened her bright spirits, though, and now she lightens up the otherwise bleak mountain peak. 

Unlike Zathandria, Cherry truly does see Twillie as her mother figure. She also loves Zathandria as her sister, even if their differing personalities can lead to clashes. She's honestly just here to have a good time.

Jonathon Water

Species: Human

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Tall, dark, and perhaps also handsome, depending on what you're into. Appearances can be deceiving, though, and Jonathon's true personality may not reflect his dark demeanor. Beneath the surface, he's very shy and soft spoken, but also with a fiery temper.

Raised in Faerieland Castle and trained heavily in magic, life turned upside down when he (literally) ran into the Blossom family. Suddenly now, he finds himself living in their mountaintop home, forced to do so by the political motives of his superiors. This may be his greatest life challenge yet: live with and talk to people he doesn't know.


Site Characters

These are characters created for the site They are not my original designs, but they still used for the Blossoms storyline.


Queen Fyora

The Queen of Faerieland for centuries now. Well loved by her own people and many others across Neopia, Fyora's has led her kingdom through a quiet strength and peaceful rule. Her efforts to maintain this peace may not all be publicly known, but most are willing to put their trust in her. Some, however, may say otherwise of how pure Fyora may actually be... 



The Snow Faerie of Terror Mountain. A powerful healer and guide for those who get lost in the snow, she is seen by most as a kind but reserved Faerie. Her reasons for moving to Terror Mountain are less known, though, and she refuses to tell anyone who asks. Rumors are still abound in Faerie Castle, and many believe that it has something to do with her fallen friendship with Fyora.


The Snowager

Hidden within a crevice of the Terror Mountain Ice Caves, this icy serpent will freeze any intruders who come upon his home. Despite this, many adventurers still test their chances so as to try and get a piece of the large treasure he hordes. His guard can't be let down for a second because of this, and it's a wonder how he gets any rest.

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